Alessandro Franconi

settembre 2017 – settembre 2021

Time Series Econometrics and Monetary Economics

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Alessandro Franconi – CV


I came to LUISS University for the PhD in Economics in 2017 after having completed a Master’s Degree in Macroeconomic Policy and Financial Markets at the Barcelona Graduate School of Economics and previously the M.Sc. in Finance at the University of Siena. During the challenging program in Barcelona I started to work with time series methods for empirical macroeconomics under the supervision of Professor Luca Gambetti.
My research interest is in macroeconomic analysis broadly, on the tools side in time series econometrics and on topics at the intersection of monetary economics, labour economics and economic history. Economic history is for me both a tool and an end itself – I am interested in better understanding historical events and trying to see the big picture with today’s frontier of research.